Welcome to my site. You can see all my work here!

My work

Hey and welcome again to my site. I will describe down here what kind of work and study I am currently doing!


Currently I'm studying application developer. I make websites and webshops. I'm in my second year of school now, and there's one year left


I do a lot of things in my spare time, expessialy working. I am currently working for Gravutech in Hengelvelde. My job is to design decals for cars and lots of diffrent things. I'm working for there for 1 year now. before I started working for Gravutech I worked at a close supermarket.

Spare time

In the rest of the time you can find on the race track or behind the computer. I love to race, it is really a thing that catches me. I also like to design and develop websites. I'm currently working on Colorpick.nl and Fontpick.nl

My recent projects



Together with Ken Kamperman and Hidde Schuurman. We came up with an idea to make a website to easily pick a color. We managed to do it within 3 weeks. Ken made the design of the site. Hidde and me were figuring out a way to do it. Now we have a login page so you can see your pallets and your saved colors!

Check it out!


AirbrushLijnder sticker design

My first big project was 100 stickers for airbrushlijnden! I just totaly loved it, because I love helmets. He made me a helmet and I made him some stickers! totaly enjoyed it!

Check it out!